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Red Toothbrush

Bacterial biofilms are a sticky pellicle that forms daily and adheres to tooth surfaces and that must be mechanically removed to avoid caries and periodontal disease. 

Without this bacterial biofilm the inflammation can be under control. With the inflammation under control, patients are unlikely to develop periodontal disease. An adequate oral hygiene at home and the regular mechanical disruption of the calcified deposits by the dental hygienist assure a protection against  periodontal disease.  

It is well established that regular visits to the dentist and hygienist help  intercept early forms of caries and periodontal disease and help healthy patients stay healthy. Similarly, treating early forms of periodontitis is proven to be more successful and less invasive that more advanced forms.


It appears more and more evident that there is a link between the oral health and the overall health, which underlines the importance of preventive measures to assure a good oral health status.


In our clinic we put a particular emphasis on instructing you and supporting you to take care of your mouth. Our team of hygienists will be happy to assist you with this.  Our mission is to help you take care of your oral health and be able to support you with this goal. 


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